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Chris Roussel, thanks to his exuberant and passionate imagination as well as his knowledge of the history of art and in his workmanship of techniques and materials, fabricates pieces of furniture of his own composition which you will find displayed at the workshop located 74 rue Breteuil 13006 Marseille.

Chris Roussel also creates individual and unique pieces of furniture according to wishes of its customers. In fact, Chris Roussel sets out to be listening to his customers, to their wishes and to give them some advice in order for him to build pieces of furniture perfectly adjusted and adapted to desired ambience of his customers.

création d’un miroir baroque
création d’une fausse cheminée
creation of a SCULPTURE
creation of a console
creation of a wooden counter of chataignier
creation of a coffee table of lounge with drawer
Chris Roussel transforms and relooke objects, give a blow of young in your pieces of furniture, transform them completely and even sometimes is able to divert the normal use of it.
So, ancient balusters become feet of lamp, a door is transformed into piers thanks to the pose of a mirror.. With Chris, everything is possible! Pieces of furniture and objects on which Chris Roussel intervenes bargain-hunt in room of sales, bric-à-brac trades or are brought by the customers.

Chris Roussel is listening to the wishes of each of his customers and is force of proposals of original ideas and sometimes even of extravagant concepts. It will personify your pieces of furniture according to your wish and he will give them an unique character.
relooking of a furnish hairdresser made in Tunis in the beginning of the XXst century
relooking of a massive oak piece of furniture
Relooking of a miror of style Henri II
conversion of a carillon of clock in contemporary shop window
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